Week of Fun Recap

January 25, 2009

Here’s a recap of last night’s Week of Fun Improv Night, from a Week of Fun blog post:

Live Girls Theater - Sold Out!

This has been a trend for the weekend shows. If you want a good seat for tonight’s Celebrity Open Mic at the Comedy Underground, I’d show up early!

WoF Dartmondo 09

Audiences were treated to standup from Kevin Hyder, Andy Peters, and Toby Brown, and improv from Amanda Williams, Graham Downing, and Dartanion London. Then the standups were invited to do improv, and all hell broke loose…

WoF Blood Squad 09

…which is good, since Blood Squad deals in Hell every day. Last night they premiered their brand new format “I Will Not Be Ignored!”, based on the “Psycho Stalkers” movie genre. They brought the house down to the point I’d expect they’ll have some psycho stalkers of their very own soon.

See ya tonight!


Dartmondo in the Week of Fun

January 21, 2009

Dartmondo will be performing with Blood Squad THIS SATURDAY as part of the Week of Fun!

Check it out:


Dartmondo/Blood Squad Improv Night

(MAKE UP AND DIE) Two of Seattle’s top improv groups join forces for one night of hilarity and death! Dartmondo blends standup and improv, Blood Squad blends horror and comedy. Tonight we hit the “frappe” button on both. Can I come up with another blender analogy? Sure! Watch as these two groups “break the ice” to “liquefy” your guts into laughter!

(Live Girls Theater, 2220 NW Market, 9pm, all ages, $10)

Dartmondo Up for Seattle Comedy Blog Award

December 24, 2008

Hey Everybody,

Dartmondo has been nominated for some kind of online award with the Seattle Comedy Blog (“Clog!”)

Cast member Amanda Williams is also up for an individual award. Feel free to vote for us by clicking on those words that just said vote for us.

Goooooo Internets!

Review: “Sharp” – Honolulu Advertiser

October 4, 2008

We had a great time at the 3rd Annual Improvaganza (and the first to include performers from the Mainland). There was a semi-coherent mention of the Saturday show in the Honolulu Advertiser, which called us “sharp”. Yay!

Review: “One Hilarious Comedic Mess” – KEXP

September 7, 2008

Where the Funny Matters: Bumbershoot Day 2

by Corbett Cummins
photos by Heather Christianson

After that, we ran over to the 4:45 showing of Dartmondo. The Dartmondo is a unique performance that combines the precision of stand up and the immediacy of improv. The show was conceived of by local improv actor, comedian and producer Dartanion London when he was part of the improv company Wing-It productions. Since then, it has grown into its own entity and played all over Seattle.

Amanda Williams, in the hotseat

The improv was provided by the cast of local improv actors: Ian Schempp, John Faga, Mike Murphy and Amanda Lee Williams. All of the stand up was provided by Dartanion London, Graham Clark and Hannibal Burress.

The show went as such. A comedian like Graham Clark would come on the stage, and do a full set, including a few jokes about people in Canada who don’t believe in global warming.

Graham Clark delivers comedy raw materials

I didn’t think that that was an option anymore” he said “that’s like not believing in the circulatory system.”

Dartanion gets a angry dose of funny from Mike Murphy

After his set, the improvisers came on and did sketches based on his jokes. So in response to his joke about global warming they did a sketch in which Ian Schemp denied every human act, from science to babies as nothing more than an act of God. Then, Hannibal Buress, came on and joked about how he hates Seattle weather and how he shot his Grand Theft Auto date for making fun of his clothes.

In turn, the improvisers did a sketch where a kid shot his mom with a video game gun for asking him to wear warmer clothes because the weather was bad. By the end of the show, all of the jokes melted into one hilarious comedic mess that filled the entire stage.

Review: “Laugh-Out-Loud Funny” – Seattle Weekly

September 7, 2008

Bumbershoot: Three-Sentence Review of Dart-Mondo

Dart-Mondo is a combination of sketch and stand-up comedy. It was fast paced and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. My favorite moment was when a heckler called out “You’re O-bombing!” and the comedian quickly shut him down with something about the guy not wearing a “grown-up shirt.”

Dartmondo at Bumbershoot This Sunday!

August 30, 2008

Come check us out at the Vera Project Stage on Sunday at 4:45pm! Even Seattlest says we’re “guaranteed hilarity”. This guarantee comes from them, just so you know who to sue.

Guest comedians will be Graham Clark from Vancouver and Rylee Newton from LA!