KEXP Comedy Train Wreck

Thursday, June 26th we’ll be doing a special event at the Re-bar with KEXP at 10pm. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

The producers of KEXP’s blog column Where the Funny Matters are bringing some of their favorite funny people down to Re-Bar on June 26th.

Contents may shift upon collision

Billed as a Comedy Train Wreck, Thursday’s KEXP sponsored show features various local comedy groups colliding together to create collaborative pieces. The Freedom Dancers, from Mark Siano’s Soft Rock Explosion, will be slashed by the Blood Squad. Laff Hole will be improvising with Dart-Mondo. The Entertainment Show will be freaking with Seattle Untimely. The night promises to be a great way to see your favorite comedians do things they promised themselves they would never do.

Laff Hole slams into Dart-Mondo

Laff Hole is one of the most respected alternative comedy showcases in Seattle. Andy Peters and Emmett Montgomery will be slammed against the people of Dart-Mondo. The Dart-Mondo is an improvisation group spawned from Jet City Improv that takes stand-up comedy routines and acts them out Improv Style. They were thrown together because they were made for each other. We’ll see if Laff Hole can improv some seriously funny Dart-Mondo stand up.

Here’s the full press release:

Comedy Train Wreck Press Release


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