Darkmando Steps Up the Excitement

I got the following charming story from improvisor/artist friend Sean Patella-Buckley. It sounds like we are making inroads to the Liam Neeson fanbase.

Hey Dart,

I just had to pass on a quick story. So I work at a medical clinic in Belltown right now, and the other day one of the doctors stopped me and said “so you do stand-up, right?”. Of course I told her, with venom spewing from betwixt my teeth, that I did IMPROV, which was ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from stand-up.

So she said “right, improv. That’s what I meant”. Anyway, she mentioned that there was a local group called “Jet City something” that was putting on some sort of improv/stand-up mash-up called “Darkmando” at the ACT, and that she was super-excited to go see it because she was a big stand-up fan. This was before I even heard you were taking Dartmondo to the ACT, so I guess I just wanted to say congrats, and that news of your wild exploits have reached far and wee, yea, even unto the wilde lands of Belltowne.



I now think Darkmando should be the version of our show we do on Halloween.

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