Late-Night Dart-Mondo Closes This Saturday!

This weekend is the LAST Dart-Mondo of our late-night HUT run. It will be an epic evening involving the standup comedy of Kevin Hyder, Drew Barth… and perhaps a special guest. The improvisors will be joined by members of Blood Squad, making for a mighty morphin powerhouse of Ian Schempp, Jason Anfinsen, Amanda Williams, Mike Murphy, Elicia Wickstead, Brandon Felker, and Smartanion London.

WHAT: Dart-Mondo!
WHERE: The Historic University Theatre (5510 University Way NE)
WHEN: Midnight:30 Saturday night/Sunday morning
HOW MUCH: $8 at the door (discounted prices for anyone who also watches the 10:30 Jet City Improv!)

Booze will be available as always.

If you are Facebook-enabled, sign up here!

If you missed it last weekend, you missed a wild night of drunken shouts, half-naked Chicago wrestling, and pigpiles:

(Not to mention Andrew Sleighter and Emmett Montgomery!)


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