Dart-Mondo Invades Central Cinema

Dart-Mondo at Central Cinema

As part of our sacred duty, we went to the Central Cinema as part of the STIFF festival, and proceeded to rock the screen like it said something mean. As a FIRST EVER super EXPERIMENT, the opening improvised scenes were based on a BRAND-NEW VIDEO SKETCH from Seattle Supergroup Black Daisy. They gave us a short review:

“Your show is funny as all get up.
The improv of Fruit Heaven was unreal.
-Black Daisy

We thank them for teaching us all about keeping your fruit spiritually safe. We can’t wait until their DVD comes out in July. Except they gave us an advance copy. So I guess YOU can’t wait until their DVD comes out in July. At least I disguised that plug well, eh? We can agree on that.

Also bringing down the ceiling panels this evening was Paul Merril, Andy Haynes, and Hari Kondabolu. If those three formed an ancient-timey triumvirate to rule this blighted land with an iron fist, I would not complain. They would feed the people with laughter. We would need nothing else.


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