Dart-Mondo Debuts to Happiness and Unicorns

Moondancer at Dart-Mondo

Dart-Mondo debuted last weekend to a raucous crowd of Dasani-loving theater hooligans who were treated to stunning performances by Emmett Montgomery, Ross Parsons, and Moondancer the Unicorn. They lit a fire of comedy so hot, only the lightning-quick wit of the improvisors was able to contain it. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the improvised scenes were collectively better than Citizen Kane. And funnier. And made by people more alive.

Steve the Audience Member now has possibly the best story of anyone’s 21st birthday: he was invited onstage to wear the paper bag sharing mask. Only a few people have had the pleasure of doing so, and Steve is the first one to escape with his soul. Happy birthday, Steve!


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